Different industries, same mission

Green Energy Group`s mission is to build sustainable businesses. We do this in three ways:

  • Start-and-build (e.g. Green Minerals)

  • Buy-and-build

  • Transform-and-build (e.g. SeaBird Exploration)

Green is our future in the broadest sense. Having already started up a pioneering marine minerals business, Green Energy Group is on the front foot in the  green energy transition and in transforming into a truly circular economy company.

The global transition to a more sustainable economy provides an unusual set of disruptions and opportunities . With access to both capital and the competencies needed, Green Energy Group aims to take an active role in this change.

Our roots are firmly placed in the energy business following a quarter of a century providing services to our energy clients. We believe oil & gas produced and refined in the most environmentally friendly way possible is key to bridge the gap between the fossile economy of the past to a sustainable economy based on renewable energy sources of tomorrow. We aim to maintain a service of the highest standards to our clients  and replicate this service in the renewables segments of our market. And then grow with our clients here. We believe the most responsible action we can take as a service provider to the energy business overall is to enable the green energy transition by helping to bridge the gap. Not to abandon it too early.

We look for additional transformational investment opportunities where our capital and competencies can help companies transform into circular economy companies. As investors, we find the opportunity set offered in this segment the most attractive in our generation.

Our buy-and-build strategy involves taking positions in both private and listed companies. We act as business developers, adding both capital and strategic competencies to the companies we invest in.

Strong entrepreneurial culture and expertise are key elements to our business

Long term sustainable growth and value creation are interdependent. Green Energy Group is cognizant of the need to integrate sustainability in the business model of all our investments. We develop companies and act as responsible owners. That includes finding a better home for our companies if we decide to exit.

Enabling the global transition to a sustainable economy is our purpose. Making sure we create value for all stakeholders is the best way to ensure we get there. That includes providing superior returns to our shareholders over the long term.

We are investors with an entrepreneurial mindset. We believe the transition to a more sustainable economy is the largest opportunity set of our generation as it disrupts the very core of the world economy; its energy system.  Green Energy Group aims to take part in this transformation in its broadest sense. Don`t hesitate to get in touch if you want to be a part of our journey!